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    With Horizon's extensive industry experience, our staff has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. We have compiled some of this information here, and our library is always growing. Browse our helpful articles to learn more about your pool or spa, or to pick up a new tip or two.

    If you have an interesting article or new and interesting information that should be shared with all pool & spa users and operators please contact us.

    Natural Pool Coming to North Minneapolis

    CBS Minnesota - WCCO News | October 21, 2014
    North Minneapolis will soon be home to a new kind of pool.

    Don't Swim with Shocks: Electrical Safety In and Around Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas

    US Consumer Product Safety Commision
    CPSC has reports of 14 deaths related to electrocutions in swimming pools from 2003 to 2014. Hot tubs and spas may present the same electrical hazards as swimming pools.

    Minnesota schools review pool policies after St. Louis Park boy's drowning

    tar Tribune | By Kim McGuire | March 2014
    Schools around state look to prevent a repeat of the St. Louis Park pool tragedy.

    Lab-on-a-chip device detects cryptosporidium in as little as 10 minutes

    Phys.org | April 14, 2015
    Recently, researchers at Fudan University's Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Shanghai developed a lab-on-a-chip device that can rapidly diagnose cryptosporidium infections from just a finger prick-potentially bringing point-of-care diagnosis to at-risk areas in rural China in order to improve treatment outcomes.

    Survey Finds Commercial Pool Problems

    Pool and Spa News | By Nate Traylor | October 10, 2014
    To summarize the findings of a recently published survey: Operators need to step up their efforts to ensure pools are safe.

    Entrapment Testing at a Glance

    Aquatics International | By Rebecca Robledo | May 2012
    Here is a short definition of each test and an explanation of the entrapment it is designed to stop.

    Lawsuit Filed for Swimming Pool Electrocution

    Pool and Spa News | June 2014
    A Florida family is suing four companies for the electrocution death of their 7-year-old son.

    Nearly 175 Child Drownings Reported

    Aquatics International | September 2014
    An annual look at drownings by the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Pool Safely campaign.

    NHL: Natatorium Hockey League

    Aquatics International | Nate Traylor | October 2014
    Should the industry welcome underwater hockey or put this game on ice?

    Tragic Entrapment In China

    Aquatics International | By Nate Traylor | September 2014
    Waterpark tragedy in Xi’an will not result in heightened safety measures

    Ongoing Struggle

    Pool and Spa News | Rebecca Robledo | October 10, 2014
    The rivalry between the National Plasterers Council and onBalance doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Here is a look at their science.

    School's Criminal Liability Questionable in Drowning

    Aquatics International | By Stephanie Mills | June 2014
    When a student drowns, is a school criminally liable?

    Gravity Drain Standards Under Way

    Pool and Spa News | Nate Traylor | April 2014
    A commission of industry experts and officials with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission are in the early stages of establishing ASTM standards for gravity fed drainage systems.

    Aquatics Facility Handbook

    Aquatics International | Nate Traylor | May 2014
    Preparing a pool for the summer can sometimes feel like it's simply a matter of checking off a list of to-dos. You could almost do it on autopilot.

    Study Shows Pools Out of Compliance

    Pool and Spa News | Nate Traylor | July 2014
    How is the industry faring in the battle against RWIs? Is it complying with local and federal health laws? Soon-to-be published findings from a research project that polled health officials nationwide should provide some answers.

    Everybody in for RWII Prevention Week

    Aquatics International | By Stephanie Mills | May 2014
    Preventing water illnesses and injuries takes more than just one invested party.

    Here Comes MAHC

    Aquatics International | By Gregory A. Anderson | March 2014
    Why are we seeing federal aquatic codes from the CDC?

    Federal Model Code Hits Final Stretch

    Aquatics International | By Rebecca Robledo | March 2014
    The first pool- and spa-related model code to be written by the federal government is about to enter its final phase, and the public will be given its last chance to present feedback.

    Child Safety Policy

    Aquatics International | By Tommy Berretz | March 2014
    One aquatics management firm executes a simple system to save lives

    Questions Surround Pool Death

    Pool and Spa News | By Nate Traylor | October 2013
    Texas officials are investigating the death of a man who saved his brother and mother from a Houston swimming pool that allegedly had undergone shoddy electrical work.

    Going Green

    Aquatics International | By Mike Fowler | January 2014
    Reducing monthly operating expenses by employing energy-smart equipment starts by examining pump and filter efficiency

    Save Energy Costs & Extend Motor Life Using Variable Frequency Drives

    World Waterpark Magazine | By Mike Fowler | January 2014
    OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS, waterpark facility managers have learned that going ‘green’ can significantly lower an aquatic facility’s operating costs.

    Federal Mandates

    Aquatics International | By Tracynda Davis | May 2012
    A look at 2012 laws, regulations and guidelines. What you need to know to operate an aquatics facility this season.

    Finding a Dead Animal in the Pool

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | August 2013
    Most dead animals in pools do not pose a health risk to swimmers. If you find a dead animal in the pool, following the simple removal and disinfection steps below will help ensure healthy swimming in the pool.

    Birds & Pools

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | May 2011
    Many types of birds are attracted to swimming pools. As a result, swimmers might come in contact with bird droppings (poop) while in the pool. If you find bird droppings in the pool, there are a few simple steps you can take to disinfect the water and keep birds away from the pool.

    The Case of the Invisible Swimmer

    Aquatics International | By Gregory A. Anderson | October 2013
    How aquatics facilities can limit liability

    Role Players

    Aquatics International | By John Weber | October 2013
    Phosphate reducers and enzymes can be an important part of pool maintenance

    Pros’ Picks

    Aquatics International | By David Conrads | September 2013
    A look at the most useful and exciting waterpark products, selected by the people who know them best

    VGB Drain Covers Due to Expire

    Aquatics International | By Rebecca Robledo | July 2013
    Many suction outlet covers that were installed to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act soon will be in need of replacement.

    Aquatics Facility Handbook

    Aquatics International | By Steve Straehley | May 2013
    Here’s what you need to know to get ready for the busy season.

    CYA Revisited

    Aquatics International | By Kent Williams, Rich Young | May 2013
    RE: Aquatics International, April 2013, article titled, “Is CYA Out on the Inside?’

    All About Enzymes

    Pool and Spa News | By Brian Trenck | May 2011
    These chemicals can offer a targeted solution to some common pool problems – but a grasp of their composition is crucial.

    Three Hotel Chains Face Pool Suits

    Pool and Spa News | By Rebecca Robledo | June 2013
    A disabled veteran is suing three hotel chains claiming they failed to bring pools and spas into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Is CYA Out on the Inside?

    Aquatics International | By Steve Straehley | April 2013
    Experts disagree on stabilizer’s use in indoor pools

    Pool Urination Comments Spur Ongoing Debate

    Pool and Spa News | By Rebecca Robledo | January 2013
    Comments made by two Olympic swimmers stating that urinating in pools is acceptable has caused more debate in the aquatics and pool industries.

    Hotel Not Held Liable in Drowning

    Pool and Spa News | By Steve Straehley | February 2013
    In an unusual turn of events, a Nebraska jury recently found an Omaha hotel not liable in the case of a drowning in the facility’s swimming pool.

    Lawsuits Cite ADA Breaches

    Pool and Spa News | By Rebecca Robledo | April 2013
    The deadline has passed for public pools and spas to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the lawsuits have begun.

    The Rise of RWIs

    Aquatics International | By Don Jackson | March 2013
    Crypto emerges as the pathogen to beat, and changes the industry.

    Built on Evidence

    Aquatics International | By Carl Nylander | Nov./Dec. 2012
    The MAHC Facility Design & Construction Module aims to fill holes other codes don’t address and provide scientifically based best practices. See where the recommendations have the largest impact.

    Driving Down Costs

    Aquatics International | By Mark H. Caldwell, Pool Services Corp. | Oct. 2012
    Variable-frequency drives can dramatically lower energy bills, and utility companies will even help foot the bill for the new equipment.

    Capitol Punishment

    Aquatics International | By Kendra Kozen | Nov./Dec. 2012
    In the past five years aquatics has spent an estimated $3 billion complying with federal regulations. Our investigation reveals who’s been writing these costly codes and why operators have been left out of the process.

    Full Access?

    Aquatics International | By Jessy Goodman | Sept. 2012
    The latest ADA regulations apply to all aquatics facilities, but waterpark compliance is somewhat more complicated.

    Restored to Life

    Aquatics International | By Neal Broverman | Oct. 2012
    Operators are holding facilities together with the barest resources. It’s time to rebuild, renew and redefine aquatics for the new economy.


    Aquatics International | By Rebecca Robledo | May 2012
    The VGB drain cover recalls and recants have left operators exhausted. Aquatics International's special report will refresh your understanding of this complicated safety issue.

    Simply Science: Sphagnum Moss

    KARE 11 News | By Laura Betker | June 7 2012
    Some pools in the metro may be smelling a little different this summer. Instead of using chemicals like chlorine to keep the water clean, public pools are turning to a natural alternative.

    Did Aquatics Really Get a Pass on ADA?

    Aquatics International | By Kendra Kozen | June 2012
    Operators now have more answers regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance requirements.

    Minnesota Discovery Uses Moss To Keep Pools Clean and Clear

    5 Eyewittnes News | By: Tim Sherno | 6.17.12
    A Minnesota company is using all natural moss to help reduce the use of chemicals in pool water.

    Tools of the Trade

    Aquatics International | By Michael Beatty, Disney's Caribbean Beach and Pop Century Resorts | June
    What does it take to keep your facility running on a healthy track? The MAHC Facility Maintenance and Operation Module offers up some best practice ideas.

    Drowning Prevention Efforts Are Expanding

    Aquatics International | By Kendra Kozen | 2.2012
    As drowning becomes a bigger focus nationwide, prevention efforts are beginning to stretch outside the bounds of aquatics.

    Swimming Performance and Disinfection Byproducts: Biocides, Biofilm and PoolNaturally Plus

    Water Blogged | By David Knighton MD | 12.1.11
    What are DBP's, how do they effect swimmers and their performance and what can facilities do to combat DBP's.

    Breathing Easier

    Aquatics International | By Franceen Gonzales, Great Wolf Lodge | Winter 2011
    A mysterious outbreak is linked to air quality at an indoor waterpark. Find out what the incident taught this operator, and what you can do to avoid similar problems.


    Dennis Lien | Pioneer Press | September 2009
    By letting nature lend a hand at several St. Paul city pools, a new process using an age-old germ fighter that gives swimmers ‘great water’ with much less eye-burning chlorination.

    Accessing ADA

    Rebecca Robledo | Aquatics International | May 2011
    Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines that govern aquatics facilities have been given the new force of law. Experts explain what you need to know to keep your facility in compliance.

    Nothing But Air

    Franceen Gonzales | Aquatics International | June 2011
    The head of the MAHC Ventilation Technical Committee explains how her group addressed the thorny issue of air quality — and how you can get involved.

    Most Don’t Shower Before Swimming

    Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | August 2011

    What’s in the Water?

    Michelle Hlavsa | Aquatics International | April 2011
    The CDC lays out steps every operator needs to take this swim season to prevent RWIs.

    THE ABCs of DBPs

    Judy S. LaKind & Ernest “Chip” R. Blatchley III | Aquatics International | February 2011
    As awareness and media attention about potential health risks associated with disinfection byproducts increases, top researchers reveal the information you need to answer patron questions — and your own.

    Defending DE

    Terry LeBeau | Aquatics International | Jan 2011
    Comparing and contrasting diatomaceous earth filtration media with an alternative reveals that DE is still the better choice for crypto removal.

    Scale It Back

    Scott Webb | Aqua Magazine | March 2011
    Ever find little white flakes on the bottom of the pool near the return?

    ADA Pool Rules Signed into Law

    An article regarding the update to the Standards for Accessible Design and Americans with Disabilities Act swimming pool guidelines that will become effective in April 2011.

    Clarifying the Code

    Doug Sackett | Aquatics International | October 2010
    The director of the Model Aquatic Health Code Project dispels common myths about the process and the outcome.

    CPSC Responds to VGB Protests

    Rebecca Robledo | Aquatics International | July 2010
    Officials at the Consumer Product Safety Commission have responded to accusations from Congress that their interpretation of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act is dangerous for children.

    Shallow Trouble?

    Nate Thorne | Aquatics International | September 2010
    As facilities add more shallow-water amenities, operators are discovering that drowning risks aren’t just in deep water. Here’s how to deal with this emerging threat.

    Inspection Report Reveals ‘Troubling’ Findings

    Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | July 2010

    Chlorine Demand

    Karen Rigsby | Aquatics International | October 2010
    Understanding the interactions between hypochlorous acid and contaminants is critical for proper chlorine dosing.

    Cracking the Code

    Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | October 2010
    A massive new aquatic code with the potential to revolutionize the industry is in the works. Here’s a sneak peek at the code – and how to prepare for what’s coming.

    Saving Green

    Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | May 2010
    The new economy has companies looking toward environmental friendly changes to help stay on top economically. ** To learn more about how your facility can save on energy please contact us for a free consultation.

    DuPont™ Oxone® Case Study - The CISD Nataorium

    The Conroe Independent School District (CISD) Natatorium is a world-class indoor competitive swimming and diving facility located in Shenandoah, Texas, that conducted a study on how DuPont™ Oxone® affects water and air quality. DuPont™ Oxone® is an oxygen-based oxidizer that eliminates bather waste and other organic contaminants without raising chlorine levels. It will not produce irritating combined chlorine compounds, which are known as chloramines. The result is enhanced sanitizer efficiencies; clear, sparkling water; and better indoor air quality. **Horizon offers this product under the name of Horizon Non-Chlorine Shock.

    Pressure Situation

    Ron George | Aquatics International | May 2010
    Many operators are looking to UV sanitation to combat RWIs and chloramines. But are all UV systems created equal?

    Aquatic iPhone Apps are Here

    Amy Hamaker | Aquatics International | June 2010
    Mobile smartphone technology has redefined how we live and work, with Apple’s iPod and iPhone leading the way.

    Aquatics International University

    Aquatics International
    Becoming an A+ aquatics facility professional takes a lot of dedication. From pumps to pool decks, there’s a lot to know, whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran. Where do you start? The smart answer: Aquatics International University.

    When Lightning Strikes

    Tom Griffiths and Matthew Griffith | Aquatics International | November/December 2008
    Should you close your indoor pool when lightning approaches? The answer may surprise you.

    Recognizing a Compromised Reagent

    Taylor Technologies

    CPSC OKs Unblockable Drains

    Rebecca Robledo and Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | April 2010

    Case for Covers

    Han Tunggal | Aquatics International | March 2010
    Thermal pool covers save energy, water and chemicals. They’re easier to use and fit than ever before. So why aren’t you using them?

    VGB Unblockable Drains Questioned

    Rebecca Robledo | Aquatics International | January 2010

    Social Works

    Josh Ploch | Aquatics International | January 2010
    Today’s social networks offer useful tools to help facilities stay connected with peers, employees and the public. So why aren’t you using them?

    Failing Inspection

    Austin Looper, PPG | Aquatics International | January 2010
    Run a hotel, motel or association aquatics facility? Chances are, you’re in violation of water quality codes. Knowing why will help reduce RWIs.

    Rosy Future

    Kevin Potucek, Hayward Pool Products | Aquatics International | November 2009
    Advances in aquatic equipment promise to reduce costs and increase operators’ peace of mind. And that's just the beginning.

    Preparation Key to OSHA Inspection

    Aleatha Ezra, Director of Park Member Development | World Waterpark | January 2010

    Calculating Volume

    Que Hales | Ultimate Tech Manual | 2009 Edition
    How to use a chemical method to determine the volume of free-form pools.

    Chemical Costs on the Rise

    John Miles and Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | October 2009
    One of the biggest factors has been the cost of raw materials.

    CPSC Ramps Up VGB Enforcement

    Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | Nov/Dec 2009

    Green Solutions

    Randy Mendioroz | Aquatic Design Group| October 2009
    As the economy lags, rising energy costs threaten to sink the aquatics industry. Take steps now to save yourself and your facility.

    Tech Talk: The Real CSI

    Mathew Griffith | Aquatics International | April 2009
    Tech Talk: The Real CSI The Calcium Saturation Index is one of the most misunderstood concepts in aquatics. Find out how your understanding stacks up.

    VGB Retrofits Raise Questions of Costs, Price Gouging

    Linda G. Green | October 2009 | Aquatics International

    Lets Talk More About - Cyanuric Acid

    Featured in CAT Controller Courier - March 2009 - Issue #30

    Going Green

    Rin-rin Yu | Aquatics International | April 2006
    As energy prices rise, so-called green design not only helps save the planet, but also a lot of cash. We show you practical applications for aquatics facilities — and how much they can save.

    CPSC Ramps Up VGB Enforcement

    Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | September 2009
    Some pools being shutdown; agency doesn’t rule out fines.

    Study Shows Swimming Pool Popularity Growing

    Kendra Kozen Article | Aquatics International | July/August 2009
    Interest in aquatics appears to be on the rise, according to an annual survey from the National Sporting Goods Association.

    VGBA Drain Cover Standard May Change

    Rebecca Robledo | Aquatics International | June 2009

    Seeing the Light

    Rin-rin Yu | Aquatics International | March 2005
    A growing number of indoor facility operators are hailing UV sanitizing technology as the ultimate cure for chloramines. Here’s what it can - and can’t - do.

    CDC Chemical Handling Guidelines

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases swimming pool chemical handling guidelines for safe handling of potentially hazardous pool chemicals.

    Let's Talk More About Cyanuric Acid

    Troy McGinty | CAT Controllers Courier | March 2009

    Most Pools Fail To Comply With Safety Act

    Kendra Kozen | Aquatics International | February 2009

    Owners Scramble to make Pools Safe

    Star Tribune

    Main Drain & Suction Safety Update

    This update is to inform you of the latest news regarding the new Federal and Minnesota laws that were recently passed regarding swimming pool suction safety.

    Fighting Phospates

    Terry Arko | Recreation Management Magazine | 2008
    Technicians must wage a constant battle to keep algae out of their aquatic facilities. Doing so means keeping a close eye on phosphate levels.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Main Drain Suction Safety Laws

    Recently the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a notice that they have distributed misinformation regarding the new federal main drain suction safety laws (Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act).

    Spa Floor Grating

    New Product Notice Option for Spa Compliance with Minnesota and Federal Drain Safety Laws Custom Grated Spa Floor

    Main Drain And Suction Safety Laws

    The new laws affect every property and facility with a swimming pool, spa, kiddy pool, water feature or any other body of water that is considered a commercial or public pool.

    Pool Winterization

    Horizon Pool Supply
    It’s that time of year again... Just when the warmest part of the summer arrives, we start thinking of winterizing outdoor swimming pools.

    Health officials remind Minnesotans to practice healthy swimming behaviors this summer

    Germs on and in swimmers’ bodies can make people sick; action steps can help prevent illness

    MDH Pool Operator Survey

    Minnesota Department of Health survey of all MN commercial & public swimming pools. Must be completed by July 1, 2008.

    Swimming Pool Main Drain & Suction Safety Laws

    Summary of the Minnesota and Federal swimming pool main drain and suction safety laws and applicable compliance dates.

    Main Drain & Suction Safety Resources & Links

    Links to resources, laws, proposed laws, codes, safety and information regarding swimming pool main drain and suction safety

    Main Drain & Suction Safety Q & A

    Questions and Answers to some of the most common questions regarding the current status of swimming pool main drain and suction safety laws in Minnesota.

    Minnesota Department of Health- News Release

    April 9, 2008 Health officials call for closer attention to swimming pool safety Illnesses, injuries occur each year that can be prevented with better practices.

    Planning Ahead

    Jason Gillet, CEO, Horizon Pool Supply
    Are you ready for your next swimming pool season? Planning ahead may make all of the difference.

    Choosing a Swimming Pool Heater

    Jason Gillet, CEO, Horizon Pool Supply
    Choosing a swimming pool heater can be an enormous task due to the shear volume of heater types and manufacturers. This article will help explain general heater types and information.

    Choosing a Swimming Pool Cover

    Jason Gillet, CEO, Horizon Pool Supply
    There are several factors to consider when choosing what kind of swimming pool cover to install. This article will help you make an educated decision.

    Pool Start-Up Guidelines

    Horizon Pool Supply
    Following these guidelines will ensure your pool gets up and running as trouble free as possible.

    Weekly Maintenance Guidelines

    Horizon Pool Supply
    Following a regular maintenance program not only helps to prevent problems but also keeps the water sparkling clean, clear and inviting. Following the steps detailed here will help make maintenance easy and the pool will always be ready for use.

    Pool Winterizing Guidelines

    Horizon Pool Supply
    Follow these guidelines to ensure your pool is properly winterized. Opening the pool the following season will be much easier.

    Online Store Shipping Information

    Horizon Pool Supply
    Horizon Online Store Terms and Conditions.

    Business Partners

    Horizon Pool Supply
    Visit key business partners for helpful information and tools to better run your facility.