HEATSAVR Liquid Pool Cover

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HeatSavr is a transparent liquid pool cover that greatly reduces heat loss. The liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the pool water which inhibits evaporation. Energy savings of 45% can be expected. The reduction of evaporation and humidity in indoor pools also lowers the cost of air conditioning and maintenance. HeatSavr has been tested and proven to be completely safe and biodegradable.

HeatSavr performs much like a conventional solar blanket, but eliminates the hassle of constantly removing and replacing of heavy, awkward, space consuming pool blankets. The patent protected HeatSavr is based on the combination of two technologically advanced scientific formulas; a mono-molecular film-forming liquid and evaporation inhibitors. Designed to be lighter than water, it automatically floats on top of the pool's surface and forms an invisible, microscopically thin, but dynamically resistant barrier to escaping water vapor and heat. HeatSavr works by significantly slowing evaporation from the surface of a swimming pool - both indoor and outdoor pools!

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