Patrick Penner


Pool Savant (Consultant/CPO Instructor)


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Pat Penner

Although Pat is our youngest consultant, he has been making a name for himself in the pool industry since 2015. He started as a technician fixing pool equipment and gained valuable experience. Now, in his consulting position, he is committed to helping customers with not only the mechanical aspect of pools and spas, but also with water chemistry, safety concerns, and any other issue that you may have. He is also one of our esteemed CPO Instructors. With his Recreation and Resource Management degree from the University of Minnesota, it makes him a natural fit to be a Pool Savant. 

When Pat isn’t solving your pool problems he’s doing something outdoors. He is on an adult softball and volleyball team every year. He is an avid archery hunter and fisherman, loves rock climbing, and during the winter he sets aside time for scuba diving. I guess he does truly love water!

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