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In short, Horizon Commercial Pools specializes in all things relating to commercial and public swimming pools. Dig into our Services and Markets sections for detailed information on exactly what we offer.

Our Story
In 1991 our founders, Joan and Dick Navratil, had the brilliant idea of starting a swimming pool chemical company. On a shoestring budget, a ton of resilience and some cheap labor from their kids the company now known as Horizon Commercial Pools was born.

Shortly after starting Horizon both Joan and Dick became CPO Instructors and our focus on education began. Their philosophy was that if they educated the industry and developed strong relationships with customers and industry professionals business would follow. Slowly and steadily the company grew and evolved into one of the leading swimming pool supply and service companies in the country.

In 2001 Joan and Dick effectively retired and turned the company over to their children. Jason and Jen took over from there and with the help of outstanding staff the company has continued to develop, grow, and thrive. They have continued with the same philosophy that just treating people well and focusing on education will lead to success.

In 2014 Horizon Commercial Pools acquired the operations of a company that specialized in representing manufacturers of large market pool equipment, repair and installation of aquatic play features and slides, and large facility renovation and repair. This acquisition and the impressive staff that came to Horizon significantly expanded the company's capabilities of servicing the largest aquatic facilities.

In 2017 Horizon acquired another Midwest company that specialized in commercial aquatics, adding their outstanding staff to our team of experts.

In 2022 Horizon made three more acquisitions that expanded our operations into Eastern Wisconsin, added significant Pool Finishing capacity, and allowed us to offer daily maintenance services throughout our markets. With these acquisitions, we gained yet more outstanding staff with very complimentary skill sets.

In 2023 Horizon acquired a company in Northeastern Wisconsin that expanded our service area that covers Eastern Wisconsin into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and once again bringing on more expertise with their outstanding staff.

Horizon Commercial Pools is now the most respected commercial swimming pool company in the Midwest. Our staff and partners have been the biggest factors in the success of our company and continue to provide unbeatable experience and service to the industry. We currently offer CPO Certification, AFO training and teach many other advanced educational seminars.

As we look to the future our goal is to continue learning, educating, developing strong relationships within the industry, and providing unbeatable service.

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