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SoftSide is an incredibly durable, 1/2” to 4” thick, slip-resistant covered foam padding system designed for water playground and pool use. It consists of a thick foam pad bonded to a textured PVC material. SoftSide is designed to meet today’s demanding safety fall zone regulations, plus it’s water tight and completely hygienic making it perfect for any water play area. SoftSide pads can be custom fabricated for any trip or fall protection application in an aquatic facility including pool edge, column, slide runout, and standard floor pads. All pads are CPSC certified and carry a manufacture's 2-year warranty.

  • Durable - Covered with a thick skin of tough PVC. SoftSide is warranted for two years.
  • Watertight - Totally watertight safety padding for underwater or outdoor applications.
  • Slip Resistant - The SoftSide surface skin material is highly slip resistant, even when wet.
  • Colorfast - As the outer skin wear, it maintains it's attractive color.
  • Versatile - SoftSide can be placed in fall zones or wherever extra safety and comfort is desired.
  • UV Stabilized - Maximum UV inhibitors are incorporated at the time of manufacture.
  • Algae and Fungus Resistant - Biocides are formulated into the foam and PVC material.
  • Low Maintenance - SoftSide can be mopped, pressure washed or sponge cleaned.
  • Resilient - Passes all CPSC-ASTM 1292 tests for impact attenuation to drop heights of 10' (3" thick).
  • Hygienic - Because SoftSide does not allow liquids or solid matter to flow through, the padding can be maintained in a hygienic manner through topical applications of biocides, or through proper pool water chemistry.

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